here we go...

So for Christmas, my lovely wife Reka, a.k.a paperreka, created a photography website for me called the aspiring amateur. I've been trying to figure out how I want to use this site, and what I wanted to do with photography. I like the title of the page a lot, because it really describes me when it comes to photography. I occasionally do product photography for friends and family, so you can check out some of the amazingly talented people I'm surrounded by. They really inspire me to try creative things. However, I'm not professional by any means, but I really like to take pictures and tinker with my camera and gear. 

That being said, this page will be used to share some of my shots/experimentation.  I'll also share any tips and techniques I am finding that I think others might find useful. I will share as many examples of my work as I can.

So, with this post, I am officially starting a blog. I want to thank my wife Reka for setting this website up for me. Check back and see what I'm up to, or what Im working on. Feel free to offer your insights or tips, if you see me doing something wrong.  Apologies up front for the writing, I make no claims to writing skills. Thank you for reading and happy shooting.